Friday, February 26, 2016

Website: - Part 3

This last blog article on will cover the different types of trees that are on this site:

Pedigree Resource File, Ancestral File, IGI, Community Trees and Family Tree
  • Pedigree Resource File: A growing collection of genealogies submitted by users
  • Ancestral File: A static collection of genealogies submitted by users before 2003
  • IGI: Information of over 430 million ancestors contributed by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Community Trees: A collection of sourced genealogies from specific times

To get to this section, simply click on "Search" and in the drop down click on "Genealogies". Here you'll be able to enter in information you have and the results will come from first four groups listed there.  

You can add additional information as this is a partial view of the form. You can add the spouse and parents names also here to get better results.

The last section is Family Trees. In order to view these you need an account, you do not need to be member of The Church of Latter-day Saints to have an account. 

To sign up you simply click on "Free Account" at the top on the right and enter the necessary information. Once that is complete you can begin your search by clicking on "Find" which looks like this:

Remembering that this is tapping into billions of names that can help you further your research. All these trees are submitted by individuals, some have sources, pictures, etc. and many do not. It is a great place to either begin or to see if someone has more than you on a family line. Either way, it is an great resource to genealogists all over the world.

We'll tackle another website next week, in the mean time, spend some serious time in, and you may find more than you expect!

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