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There is a lot to be said for, from access to help videos, online records, scanned books, the catalog and family trees it is an amazing website and has a lot to offer anyone doing research today.

Each of the items mentioned could take a blog article all by itself so today we'll discuss the first two items and continue it into Part 2 next week. The first item is the large variety of helpful tutorials to guide you from beginner through to narrowing down a particular country and its records. 

There are hundreds of videos here to help everyone. A quick glance from the above image shows some of the countries represented here to help others research in those localities. There are 255 for beginners, 14 foreign languages represented with a variety of topics. To get to this section go to the Help up in the top right hand corner, click it and then click "Learning Center", type in the box what you looking for and enjoy the lesson which usually comes with a handout!

The next area is the online records which is vast. The count as of when this blog is being written is 2,062 different collections. Again these collections cover many parts of the world and not just the United States.

As you can see, a number of countries are represented as well as a large span of dates of records available.

When searching through these records, sometimes you will have access to the actual image and other times you will see a transcription, it all depends on the agreements set up for access to the records.

Additionally, not all records are indexed, some will be viewable by browsing, if this happens, way points have been put in to help with viewing those records.

Whether you choose a collection to research in or get to that collection through the "Search Historical Records" fill in form, you will definitely find much to aid your research!

These two features alone make this site worth a visit. We'll review more from this site next week.

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