Thursday, April 24, 2014

Recording Those Important Events...Paper

One of the first things to think about is where to store the items you have collected once you have recorded them.

Over the years I have found that the D-Ring binders are the best for keeping papers and documents without getting crushed as you put them into the binders. They come in various sizes and colors so pick one that you feel will hold the records you have collected.

I use plastic sheet covers for all those important documents and papers. This helps to preserve them over time and will hold up through the various cycles life throws at us like moving, children, grandchildren, etc. 

As you begin, perhaps the first thing to begin filling out is a simple Family Group Sheet that contains all the information about your own family first and then each of you as children for a total of 3 Family Group Sheets. Here is a sample of one.

As Your family grows you can easily add the children, if you are not married, filling one in with you as a child will do followed with one for each of your parents as children. Here is a link to print one out to fill out.  This is from the series Ancestors and it will work just fine for someone starting out and wanting to take the time to get things recorded. Be sure to write down where the information came from right from the beginning, its a habit I wish someone had told me when I first began. There is a notes section on the back where this can be done easily.

The second form worth mentioning is an ancestral chart or a pedigree chart. Here is a sample:

Don't be alarmed at not being able to fill this one out completely...

This is just the beginning of your journey and no one knows all the ancestors when just beginning unless someone in your family has already done some research. 

If that is so, it would be worth your while to get a copy of their information to add to your files.

This achieves 2 things, it lets that relative know that someone else in the family is interested in family history and by providing you a copy, they now have created a back up in case something happens to their records! Kimberly Powell from provides one for easy download here.

These are two most common forms/charts that are used to put family information as you collect it from other documents. 

Hopefully these two forms will help you to get organized as start to build your own family history!

Next article will discuss using software instead of paper, however, it is wise depending on your circumstances to do both.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

All Those Records...

As you begin to sort through all the documents and items you have collected, it can be difficult to know what to do with each one and yet each item is important to the recording of your family's history and genealogy.

Take for instance a simple Birth Certificate, the time period determines the amount of information on the document itself. There is usually less information on the older documents than there are today.

Often, older records are listed in registers with a one line entry, if one is lucky both parents are listed.
While Marriage Records today list a lot of information, again, older records can be just a one line entry or a whole document with only the names of the bride and groom. It just depends on who was keeping the records at the time and each location throughout the world is different.

Copying down each bit of information is important but just what do you copy and where does it go?

It is at this point that you must decide where to keep this information, what program to use or will it be recorded and kept in a simple record book for your family?

Let's look at a sample of a birth certificate I discovered in a box of documents from my mother's home after she had passed away in 1998.

Notice that it provides all the important information concerning the birth of my father including who his father and mother were, their occupations and ages at the time of birth along with his position in the family.

While this entry from a family bible provides the bare minimum of information, but can lead to locating the rest of the information.

As you can see, it is just a hand written entry with a name and a date, however, it can be just a valuable as one can follow the name and date and locate an original record.

Gathering the clues for the current and next couple of generations is just the beginning of growing your own family tree!

Next we tackle some of the software on the market to help you save the valuable information you are collecting.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Those Beginning Steps..

It is well known that usually the delay in beginning any new endeavor is just simply where to start or just what is that first step? In the last blog article some small suggestions were made to begin to gather the documents surrounding the individuals in your home into one central location. If it is a box, that is just fine, everything begins with simple things one step at a time.


I'm always amazed at where one ends up finding things, how did that get there? Why would one put that document in that particular place, it just doesn't seem to make sense, however, a reason must have existed, one just can't recall at that moment.

Regardless, the process is simply just trying to put important family documents in one central safe location. Each family member should also know where the special location is just in case of an emergency besides the current purpose of beginning one's family history.

As these documents and things start to collect, a simple order of 'in date order' can keep the organization not so complicated. There is a free 5 minute Genealogy lesson on Organizing Your Records provided from

Fine tuning the above suggestions, I suggest the system devised by a colleague of mine, Mary Hill. She has put together a great way to organize those files and documents in a You Tube Video entitled FamilyRoots Organizer System. It is a preview of the actual full one hour presentation through While there is a small charge for the full hour, it is worth it as this method of Paper Organization has been well received throughout the Family History and Genealogy world.

Mary Hill's actual website where her guidance is also listed is here:

These hints are just simple steps to getting organized. It is your choice going forward as to what method you wish to use. Here is a sample picture of my early beginnings of using Mary's system.

(1) Picture courtesy of Blog called "Family History Made Easy" at

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Welcome to Budding Genealogists: The Ancestral Guide for All Age Groups...

So you are thinking about learning who your ancestors are or where they come from but the very thought seems just another impossible task?

Often events happen in one's live to begin the thoughts of doing family history or genealogical research. 

Perhaps it is just a simple curiosity of wondering about ones family's ancestry or an assignment from a child at their school has prompted an interest. 

Regardless of the reason, you have come to the right place for guidance with your genealogical/family history journey into discovering your ancestors. 

Budding Genealogists will provide step by step guidance to help you regardless where you are in this new ancestral adventure. Whether you are just taking the first steps in your research, already started to do some research, would consider yourself to know a little bit or you are even a hobbyist, this blog hopes to provide practical guidance in all things genealogical.

One of the first things to consider is where you are today, your family, your children and all you are involved in are the very beginnings of your own genealogical journey. Whether you are writing in a baby book, creating a picture book for a child, keeping mementos for your family members and recording in some way those important milestones in life, each of these are steps towards putting together your current generation. Something that can easily overlooked but is very important. 

Some beginning steps to get things going would be to take time to organize those important documents for each person in your family and decide if you will be recording this information in paper format, in a software management program or in an online database program. All of these ways are good, the decision is yours. We will review each these recording methods in the next few blogs so that by the time the review is complete, you'll be able to make the best decision for you at this time.

Choose some time, once a week or once a month to begin to collect these things in one central place, this will make organizing easier. These simple steps will result in a successful ancestral journey.

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