Thursday, July 31, 2014

Roots Magic

Our last genealogical software product that we will review for two blog articles is Roots Magic. According to their website, they have been been creating computer software with a purpose-to unite families. 

Once installed, you have the option to "Create a new file":

Adding my father to the file was simple with the following results:

To add his spouse, one just has to click "Add" and then click "Spouse". One can easily add the marriage date with the end results as follows:

As one slowly adds the information to this family, one's pedigree begins to grow.
As each place is entered, it is checked for accuracy with a feature called CountyCheck. This feature can be turned off it wanted, but it will tell you if that place existed on the date you entered for the event for US, Canada, UK or Australia.

Next week we will delve into the other features of RootsMagic.

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