Thursday, August 25, 2016

Website: The Library of Congress

At first glance, the Library of Congress website does not look like a great resource for genealogists and yet it is a great resource.

Just the title of the website can steer individuals away, however, the resources available are only a few clicks away. Type in "Family History" in the search box at the top:

The very first entry is clearing where genealogists want to be:

One can easily see some of the valuable resources available from their first screen, but once you start checking out the various links, one quickly finds many great resources to help ancestral research efforts.

When clicking "The Collections" you are informed under "Books" that "they have more than 50,000 genealogies and 100,000 local histories. The collections are especially strong in North American, British Isles, and German sources. Their international strengths are further supported and enriched by the Library's incomparable royalty, nobility and heraldry collection."

Under "Vertical File" you are informed that it contains "miscellaneous materials relating to specific family names, to the states, towns, and cities of the U.S. and to genealogical research in general" The description goes on and is worth looking into as they also have newspaper clippings and genealogical charts and so much more. Here are links to their Vertical File Subject Index and Family and Regional Newsletters.

They have a vast array of subscription services to those who visit their library, here is a link to that section which lists all of their subscription databases. They have a large selections guides and aids, here is a link to that section. 

The last section this blog will cover is the "American Memory Project":

It is worth noting the large selection of topics available and this does not include the millions of photographs available that represent our history.

"Cities and Towns" provides access to over 5.5 million historical maps, 80,000 atlases and much more. Their military section has 7 different collections including recordings of individuals and leaders regarding historical events.

Each section provides additional helps for the genealogical researcher. Lastly, there are orientation tours that one can view before going to the library.

As well as some rules and regulations:

Adding this library to your future travels will be well worth the effort. Preparing ahead of time will assure you'll be able to make the most of your time. In closing, here is a link to some of their online collections.

Enjoy this and many other websites already discussed in past blog articles.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Website: Indiana State Library

For those who have family and ancestors from Indiana, you have a great resource in the Indiana State Library.

They have a whole area dedicated to 'Genealogy':

They state they have "one of the largest collections of family history information in the Midwest" and that it includes more than 40,000 print items combined with their one on one assistance and their 'online collections', they are able to help those who have family in Indiana and the bordering states, as well as eastern and southern states. One can check their site to have those one on one helps with their staff.

In addition to their subscription sites, they have a vast collection of online records. To view a list click here. Some of these collections lead you to a transcription and others are the actual scanned records. There are also collections by the counties. For this blog, lets go to "Howard County" and view their online resources.

The last section has over 20 different choices to help you with your ancestral research. Choosing "General Vital Records" and then "Marriage Records" provides access to records with indexes and scanned images beginning in 1844.

The above is their first recorded marriage license issued August 26, 1844 to Samuel Bates and Philinda Hinkley. It goes on to stay they were 'joined together in the holy bans of matrimony on the 29th day of August 1844. Its signed by John Love, Minister of the Gospel.

The indexes are provided along with the scanned images. This is a great resource to any one with ancestors in this area and in other counties in Indiana.

To all who have family in this great state, enjoy the access to these records online and to their great in person collection. Their staff will aid all those conducting research and they can be reached through "Ask-A-Librarian" online or calling in to their number set up for their "Genealogy Collection" at 317-232-3689.

What a great asset to all those who need this awesome resource!

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