Friday, March 4, 2016

Website: GeneaBloggers

When it comes to reaching out to the genealogical community and providing guidance and help to all regardless of which level of a researcher you are GeneaBloggers comes to mind along with a few others will tackle going forward.

In looking at the titles one has to notice the following options available with a mouse click:

Blogging Resources, Daily Blogging Prompts, Genealogy Blog Roll
The GeneaBloggers Daily

Blogging Resources contains great information on how to create a blog and what resources are available. There is additional design ideas, tools, tips. backups, publishing resources and more.

Daily Blogging Prompts for each day of the week, this is a great help when having writers block.

The Genealogy Blog Roll has over 3000 blogs for one to peruse through and find the one to help you with your area of research. This can be done by searching a topic, a place, etc. and the results will be displayed for you to investigate and sign up to receive as it is published. The amount of help and ideas is immense.

The GeneaBloggers Daily is published daily and provides a great selection of news items and articles to help us all. From the latest videos and technology to the latest headlines for the day, one can sign up to receive it and stay on top of all that is genealogically related news wise!

Stay on top of things with the GeneaBloggers which is created by Thomas MacEntee and you'll have some of the best tools and blogs to read to help you with your genealogy and family history research!

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