Friday, February 19, 2016

Website: Part 2

Last week we reviewed the "Learning Center" and the vast collection of "Online records". This week we will take a look at the "Scanned Books" and the Family History Library Catalog.

To go to the scanned book section, one clicks on "Search" at the top, scrolls down and clicks on "Books" and lands here:

One can search the more than 2000 digitized collection of scanned family history and genealogical publications from 12 different libraries. 

Allen County Public Library, BYU-Harold B. Lee Library, BYU-I David O. McKay Library, BYU-Hawaii Joseph F. Smith Library, Church History Library, Family History Library, Houston Public Library -Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research, Mid-Continent Public Library - Midwest Genealogy Center, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Onondaga Conty Public Library, University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries and the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records. 

Some of the scanned books can be read by anyone from their home and others require you to be at a Family History Center, either way, it is a great assets to the genealogical community throughout the world.

To access the catalog, again go to "Search" and this time click on "Catalog". This will bring you to where you can enter the search information for a particular place, or a subject or even the title to one of the books that has been scanned.

The format of what you are searching for could be on microfilm, microfiche, in-house book, a scanned book, or an online record collection, each will be identified to assist you in locating the record set.

If it is a book in-house, they are not lent out, one would have to visit the Family History Library or order the item either in microfilm or microfiche format to be sent to a local Family History Library. Often times the book is also available closer to your current home, this can be checked through the OCLC WorldCat.

If the item is on microfilm or microfiche it can ordered and sent to a local Family History Center, ordering of these films or fiche can now be done online, here is a link to the ordering resource.

When searching for records from a specific place, one simply enters in the location and they are brought to that screen where a listing of what is available is provided. One simply reviews it and locates what is needed, the format will be stated and depending on that format will determine the procedure to get the relevant records either online or sent to a local Family History Center.

One simply checks each section they are interested in and follow the above directions to obtain a copy of the records needed for research.

Next we will cover Family Trees...

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