Friday, January 22, 2016

Website: Linkpendium

Since 2002, Linkpendium has been helping individuals with their immense collection of links and helps to all those who are conducting Family History/Genealogical research.

The owners', Karen Isaacson and Brian (Wolf) Leverich were the founders of the RootsWeb genealogical community website which began back in 1996 and merged with in June, 2000. We'll talk about RootsWeb next week. To view their full background and history click here.

Karen and Brian have done a wonderful job of providing a "one stop place for genealogical links" from around the world. They even provide a break down of all the work that is done on the website to maintain it and add new links, they are amazing!

The fist thing you see are the 50 states with clickable links as above, clicking on one of those states takes you to that state's links as well as those for each county with the number of links in parenthesis, as usual, some counties have more information than others. For this article I choose my birth place, Rhode Island, there are only 5 counties which makes it easier to display!

Providence being the oldest county has the largest amount of links. Once there it is broken down by types of records from Biographies to cemeteries to vital records and everything in between! To add to that they provide Mailing Lists and Message Boards for each area, I've had great success with help from the community and you will too.

They also have a link section on Surnames Worldwide which currently has 9, 213,508 links! Looking for one of my ancestors' surname provided me with a lot of links to check out for "Marotte":

This is a great site to bookmark and use often. It has much to offer researchers.

The site also allows you to add a site you find that can help others, each page has a link you click where you can do just that.

With the community helping each other brick walls will come tumbling down and new sites will continue to aid all researchers. 

Thanks to Karen, Brian and all who help to make this site a wonderful resource for family history and genealogical research!

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