Friday, January 1, 2016

2016: Genealogical Websites

2016 will soon be here, after a lot of thought we've decided here at Budding Genealogists to review one to two websites each week to help with your genealogical and/or family history research.

There are thousands of websites out there to help one with research, determing which ones are right for you can be an issue.  Sometimes because of confusion, individuals only visit the major sites when some smaller ones may also provide valuable information on one's ancestors and can easily be overlooked without knowing of their existance. 

From the large paid databases to those who take time to transcribe a film and share it online or help with putting family pedigrees online with documentation, they are all valuable and much appreciated by researchers from around the world.

There are lots of articles written about "The Top 10 Genealogical Sites" or the "The Top 100 Genealogical Sites", but there are many others that may have exactly what you need. We'll explore a variety but the biggest sites to many of the smaller sites.

Together we will work on filling in and adding to your family tree.

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