Friday, January 15, 2016

Website: Cyndi's List

This week's website is "Cyndi's List", a place where one can locate links that take you to other online genealogical research websites. It could be called the encylopedia of genealogical and family history websites, it is that good.

Cyndi started this websight back in 1996 as a personal online reference to valuable websights for the Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society. According to her "About Cyndi" section, the original list had 1,025 links. Today, in 2016, there are 333,947 links. She adds links as they are provided to her and checks for broken links, etc. it is a full-time job.

This is a free websight, however, there is a "Donations" button to help with all the costs associated with maintaining a very active website.

The website is very well organized by "categories" and a tab for New Links. In addition she provides a daily dose of family history through The Cyndi's List Daily and has a "Mailing List" one can sign up and receive emails regarding updates to the site. One can keep up to date and perhaps discover a new site which contains valuable genealogical data to help further their research.

The categories are in alphabetical order with easily navigation by letter. From Acadian, Cajun & Creole to Writing Your Family's History and everything in between, there is something for any family history enthusiast to the genealogical professional and so much more.

One category that might appear strange is "Myths, Hoaxes & Scams". A click of the first section brought up 12 topics, here are the first 2:

Myth: Everything in print (books, Cds, databases, Internet) is accurate and reliable

Myrth: Family crest or coat of arms

This section is worth going through. The "Beginners" section has much to offer:

Here is a cut from the categories listing:

Take some time over the next few days and discover all Cindi's List has to offer as you continue on your family history and genealgical research jouney.

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