Friday, June 10, 2016

Google News Archive

When researching one's ancestors newspapers can add a lot of information to your family tree and yet access can sometimes be a problem. The one problem that seems to stop most individuals is access to those valuable newspapers.

Over the years various groups are working hard at putting these valuable resources online but also many have been microfilmed along the way by libraries across the world in order to preserve these valuable records.

Enter Google News Archive, this began back in 2006 and was "originally created by Robert J. Huggins along with his team at Cold North Wind, Inc." according to the Wikipedia article about Google News Archive. (1)

While there are many newspapers across the world, this is one place worth investigating to see if there are any archived newspapers from where your ancestors lived.

A few samples of coverage are:

The Rochester Sentinel:1858-2005
The Patterson Press: 1863-1915
The Montreal Gazette: 1878-2006
The Newfoundland Express: 1851-1855
The Spokane Review: 1891-1994
Calhoun Times: 1924-1922

The list available is immense and one needs to review it for themselves.

There are other newspaper sites available also so don't limit yourself to this one, check with a public library or a university and one may be surprised to find just the collection they are looking for.

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