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Website: Ireland Genealogy

It's no secret that researching Irish Ancestors can be difficult and sometimes it even seems impossible. To date many websites, tutorials, and helps to aid this situation have come along to try and help with this serious situation.

One of the many sites that is helping is called Ireland Genealogy and it acts as a go between to other websites that also have additional information or ancestral information.

As you can see from the main first page it begins with some categories but also has all of the various counties listed if you are fortunate enough to know this information.

Even on the first page there is a list of some databases to aid you beginning with "A List of Deported Convicts and Vagabonds c1737-1743" which is indexed by county. A valuable database to look at in the Irish Flax Growers, 1796, it contains nearly 60,000 individuals in 1796. According to the site, "individuals were awarded spinning wheels based on the number of acres planted. People who planted one acre were awarded 4 spinning wheels and those growing 5 acres or more were awarded a loom."  These kinds of lists remind us of what life was like for our ancestors during this time period.

There is another list of "Irish Convicts to NSW 1788-1849", which provides details of convicts who were transported to New South Wales during this time period. The database contains:
  • Irish State prisoners,
  • convicts who were tried in Ireland,
  • convicts who were tried outside Ireland whose native place was in Ireland,
  • Irish military men who were tried inside or outside Ireland whose native place was in Ireland, and
  • a few non-Irish convicts arriving on Irish convict transport ships.
Another interesing site is one from my home state, and the city I grew up in, Pawtucket. "Some Baptisms and Burials from the Centenary History of Old St. Mary's Church, Pawtucket, RI". Bob Ryan was the individual who transcribed this and of course all of us are appreciative when these things are done to help all who are seeking out their Irish ancestors.

This website is full of surprises as you click to the large collection of links, a great aid to all who are searching their Irish ancestors!

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