Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Follow-Up..

You've had your first visit and interview with an older relative. Its time to take that information and place it in your own files along with any extra items you acquired. Here are some thoughts and suggestions:

1. Send a "Thank You" note to that relative. You would be surprised how much that means to them and most likely they would have you over again and offer you additional information.

2. Transcribe the recorded meeting to the best of your ability.

3. Enter any pertinent information into your genealogical database software so that it is not lost.

4. Scan any photos, documents, newspaper clippings that they shared or allowed you to have and return them if they were only on loan.

5. Write up a little report for your own records, creating a story of that person and their family.

6. Be sure to get permission to share the stories, pictures and other items you acquired while visiting.

7. Share photos and other interesting stories you learned with other family members.

8. Creating a blog and/or add the story and pictures to FamilySearch FamilyTree for others to learn more about that individual. 

9. Pace yourself with each of these steps, review everything and ask another person to also review them with you. This will help to make sure all the information is collected and nothing is missing.

10. Store any items you now have in a file for that family so that you'll have them to refer to again in the future if needed.

11. Determine what additional information you need to locate from the new found information to continue your desire to fill your family tree.

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