Friday, March 25, 2016

Website: Pioneers of the Westward Expansion

When doing research one inevitably comes across an ancestor who braved the trek westward to settle in unsettled territory.

There are a few websites to aid the researcher with these ancestors and the London FamilySearch Centre has put together a nice write up with multiple links to some of those websites.

It starts off with the statement, "By 1870, hundreds of thousands had traveled west on the Oregon-California trails. Was your ancestor one of them?"

This article goes on to describe and tell about the 2000 miles stretching from the Missouri river through to both Oregon and California. There are wiki articles in the FamilySearch Wiki to help learn about the actual trails themselves.

The conditions that existed during their travels made it difficult for record keeping, however, there are some helps available and the article outlines a large amount of them. Some of their recommendations are:

Censuses from 1820-1880
California 1852 State Census
California Great Registers
George Edward Anderson Photo Collection
Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah Collection
Paper Trails Website
Roster of California Pioneers Index
The Oregon Territory and Its Pioneers

One must not forget the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel database put together by many volunteers.

There are additional resources, journals, newspaper articles and biographies of those pioneers.

Take advantage of these resources if you find a westward bound pioneer in your ancestral lines.

If you know of additional sites feel free to share them in the comments area.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Website: Find A Grave

Find A Grave began back in 1995 by Jim Tipton and developed from his hobby of visiting graves of famous people. He has been amazed at how quickly it grew and developed into what is considered to be a major resource for individuals alike who are looking for information perhaps on a famous individual but also on the 'everyday people'. To view the other individuals who help with site, visit "Who is behind Find A Grave?"

Each day new records are added and more individuals sign up to be contributors. Individuals are able to use the site for educational needs and researchers find valuable information on their loved ones who have passed on.

The left side of the website is for 'Famous People' and the right side is for everyone else. According to the site they have 143 million records one can search, that is a lot of people!

Once you are on the site, you simply choose whether you are looking for someone famous or an ancestor and click on the appropriate link. For this blog we will look up an ancestor, Theodore Marotte who is my great grandfather. I uploaded his information and then another person added which is always nice.

This entry provides a lot of information to help a researcher. There is no set rule as to how much information one can find but it is definitely worth taking the time to check, you may be pleasantly surprised to find an ancestor's information was uploaded by another who was photographing that particular cemetery.

One can also volunteer to add their tombstone pictures to help all who visit this site, here is the link to become a member and upload your own.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Website: The USGenWeb Project

Over the years, The USGenWeb Project has received numerous awards as one of the 'Key' Internet Genealogy Free Websites.

Of course these awards are the results of millions of volunteer hours creating a site for every US State and County. While some of the county sites are looking for volunteers, most have a lot to offer researching genealogists. 

A sample state page, this is Arizona (note that each are different):

In additional to a website for each state, are county pages:

There are a few other wonderful things about this site that make it amazing and that is there is a section for Projects, Researchers and Volunteers. Each section provides tips on getting started and wonderful aids to help all. Here is part of their projects lists:

The USGenWeb Archives Project
The USGenWeb African American Griots Project
The USGenWeb Kidz Project
The USGenWeb Lineage Project
The USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project

These sites are the representation of millions of hours of work to bring these resources to genealogists and family historians around the world, remember as you use these resources to pay it forward by citing sources properly and giving recognition of where the information comes from properly.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Website: GeneaBloggers

When it comes to reaching out to the genealogical community and providing guidance and help to all regardless of which level of a researcher you are GeneaBloggers comes to mind along with a few others will tackle going forward.

In looking at the titles one has to notice the following options available with a mouse click:

Blogging Resources, Daily Blogging Prompts, Genealogy Blog Roll
The GeneaBloggers Daily

Blogging Resources contains great information on how to create a blog and what resources are available. There is additional design ideas, tools, tips. backups, publishing resources and more.

Daily Blogging Prompts for each day of the week, this is a great help when having writers block.

The Genealogy Blog Roll has over 3000 blogs for one to peruse through and find the one to help you with your area of research. This can be done by searching a topic, a place, etc. and the results will be displayed for you to investigate and sign up to receive as it is published. The amount of help and ideas is immense.

The GeneaBloggers Daily is published daily and provides a great selection of news items and articles to help us all. From the latest videos and technology to the latest headlines for the day, one can sign up to receive it and stay on top of all that is genealogically related news wise!

Stay on top of things with the GeneaBloggers which is created by Thomas MacEntee and you'll have some of the best tools and blogs to read to help you with your genealogy and family history research!

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