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GenealogyToday began back in 1999 in the interest of keeping genealogists family history researchers informed on all things concerning techniques, resources, databases and various products.

This site has received numerous awards over its 17 years plus of helping individuals find their ancestors though tips, newsletters, articles, tools and so much more. Illya D'Addezio is the founder of Genealogy Today and and started his journey into this field at a young age when he interviewed his parents and grandparents and discovered the joys of doing family history.

This is a subscription site that offers some unique databases as well as some free databases. To see listing of their holdings click: Historical Records and you will see the vast array of collections they offer the family historian and the genealogist.

To help newbies, they have a Getting Started section that provides help and resources to those wanting to delve into the world of discovering one's ancestors. From books to check out, to guiding articles one can certainly have a good start as well as pick up some good ideas if they are stuck on an ancestral line.

The site has a What's New section that lists the latest transcriptions, archived materials, biograpahical timeless, news stories and helpful articles. 

They have a variety of interesting items in the Gift Center from books, software, charts, and more.

Another section I'll mention comes under the title of Contribute, here the instructions are available to donate a variety of items, from photographs, to documents, articles, books, transcriptions, family newsletters, etc. Their end goal is to "preserve as much information as possible for the benefit of genealogists. Often individuals find items at garage sales, flea markets or these items are given to them, either way they will assist with making them available online for others to have to assist with their family history research.

I'll close with mentioning their section on "Research Tips". One never knows what tips may lead to breaking down a brick wall, always take time to review someones' research tips, they may list something new to check into to. One can sign up for the Free News Service here to receive it by email.

Their subscription rate is $32.95 per year of a 2 year subscription is $58.95 which results in a 10% savings and one can be sure new material is constantly being added which makes this a great resource for all researchers.

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