Monday, January 26, 2015

Beginning Research Steps..

You've done all the basics, added all the information from family members and relatives and you still have many bits of missing information and you've only gone back a couple of generations, now what?

This is where you begin to take time to look for the missing information and family members from various online databases or repositories if necessary and become a bit of a genealogy detective.

Looking at your pedigree chart is the first step to finding what is missing. If I look at mine, I notice that I've got a number missing ancestors to locate:

I'd like to introduce you to the Research Process...if you follow this you will always be able to be through in your research and follow its design. FamilySearch Wiki has a great article on this which takes you step by step through the research process:

1) Identify what you know
2) Decide what you want to learn
3) Select records to search
4) Obtain and search the records
5) Evaluate and Use the Information

In my diagram above, I could use this guide to seek out the parents of William Gimson, Thomas Marsh, Francis Stallabrass, William Andrews and Anne Brignell.

With all the choices, I need to carefully look at each one and follow these steps.

Have a stab at it, next week I'll write up my step by step and let's see how good each of you did. Feel free to share.

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