Monday, December 8, 2014

What was Christmas Like for Your Grandparents?

A Norwegian Christmas, 1846 painting by Adloph Tidemand

When thinking of Christmas, it is fun to think of the traditions that are often passed down through the generations and to learn the history behind them. 

Its even more interesting when you ask your grandparents to share some of the stories of what it was like for them on Christmas as children. Even your own parents will have different ways this special time of the year was celebrated within their family.

Often the responses will be filled with stories of different types of gifts, family coming together and perhaps even a story of how they helped another needy family nearby.

I've read a number of interesting stories where children have helped other children out with a gift, a coat, some shoes and food as well as the different types of toys they enjoyed playing with.

From the various ways to serve Christmas dinner to the way a tree is decorated, it all makes for fascinating stories to share and write down in a journal and in the notes on a specific person in your family history.

Different countries celebrate it differently, as most of us have ancestors who come from other countries, looking up how they celebrated Christmas would be a fun activity for all ages.

Of course the nativity scene set up in my home is very dear to our family along with the tree and all the trimmings.

Feel free to share your stories about past Christmases so that we all can enjoy them.

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