Monday, April 7, 2014

Those Beginning Steps..

It is well known that usually the delay in beginning any new endeavor is just simply where to start or just what is that first step? In the last blog article some small suggestions were made to begin to gather the documents surrounding the individuals in your home into one central location. If it is a box, that is just fine, everything begins with simple things one step at a time.


I'm always amazed at where one ends up finding things, how did that get there? Why would one put that document in that particular place, it just doesn't seem to make sense, however, a reason must have existed, one just can't recall at that moment.

Regardless, the process is simply just trying to put important family documents in one central safe location. Each family member should also know where the special location is just in case of an emergency besides the current purpose of beginning one's family history.

As these documents and things start to collect, a simple order of 'in date order' can keep the organization not so complicated. There is a free 5 minute Genealogy lesson on Organizing Your Records provided from

Fine tuning the above suggestions, I suggest the system devised by a colleague of mine, Mary Hill. She has put together a great way to organize those files and documents in a You Tube Video entitled FamilyRoots Organizer System. It is a preview of the actual full one hour presentation through While there is a small charge for the full hour, it is worth it as this method of Paper Organization has been well received throughout the Family History and Genealogy world.

Mary Hill's actual website where her guidance is also listed is here:

These hints are just simple steps to getting organized. It is your choice going forward as to what method you wish to use. Here is a sample picture of my early beginnings of using Mary's system.

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