Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Help to Choose What Line to Research

As we ended in our last blog I was at a point of choosing to extend one of the family lines from the following list:
  • William Gimson
  • Thomas Marsh
  • Francis Stallabrass
  • William Andrews
  • Anne Brignell 
As I reviewed of the above, I realized that they were pretty far back in the 1700s; as this is a beginners blog I felt I should try and find a family that needed additional research from the later 1800s which would be about the time period grandparents or great grandparents. 

Using the Custom List feature in my Ancestral Quest software I created a list of of 'End of Line' from my current database. 

Now there will not be as many individuals in your new family file but you still can get a report from what has been entered thusfar in your program. I've chosen Janet Boyd and William Pentland to hopefully extend at least one generation for the moment. Here is all we have at this point:

We do have their children but are concentrating on extending either one of these lines at this time. 

Our next blog will begin with the Scotland Census Records which are available in transcription format on Ancestry.com. The actual copies of the originals are only available on ScotlandsPeople.gov.uk.

Watch as we search for clues to extend and add more information for William Pentland and Elizabeth Boyd.

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