Friday, June 27, 2014

Legacy Family Tree: Behind the Beginning Screens

In our last blog we learned how to beginning to enter in one's family vital information. The data entry is not complicated if you have all the information. Once you have done that the next thing to do could be to look for additional information on your ancestor.

With your ancestor in the main view, click on the "Research Guidance" which is the last icon under their main information, here is what the icon looks like:

Once you click that you are presented with some choices across the top as tabs:
1) Define Timeline
2) Preliminary 
3) Suggest Sources
4) To Do Lists

Each has something to offer, however, if it is research one is wanting to do, #3 is the best option as it shows you possible records to search to learn additional information about your ancestor. 

Even the seasoned researcher can pick up some hints from this research guidance.

The reports section has every kind of chart and report one would expect from this type of sofware.

They include pedigree charts, family group sheets, statistics reports, a publishing center, ancestor book, descendant book, a descendant narrative book, multiple lines of descendant book, blank charts and wall charts. There wall charts is impressive as they provide the following choices:

It looks like this software along with the others has all the necessary features to help you build your family tree, research your tree with some additional hints and create a beautiful wall chart to share with other family members.

It does have the necessary LDS features that are most important to them.

Remember. they have many tutuorials at various levels right on their website here.

As a side note, Legacy Family Tree provides a service to all those wanting to learn more about researching through their Legacy Family Webinars which are held regularly. If one can't make it, one can easily, for a small fee, download it and learn! What a great service they provide. To learn more about their webinars, please click here.

Our next blog will be reviewing Roots Magic.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Legacy Family Tree

For the next 2 weeks we will explore Legacy Family Tree software, the 3rd in a series of 4 genealogical software reviews by Budding Genealogists.

Originally Legacy Family Tree (Legacy) was released in June, 1997 through Millennia Corporation. The original authors were Ken McGinnis and Dave Berdan.

The program is now in its 8th edition which was released on 26 November 2013.

As with the previous software packages, Legacy comes in additional languages. A person's family file can be opened in Microsoft Access which could be helpful if Legacy wasn't available on the computer an individual is on.

After one installs their program, you are prompted to begin your family file by giving it a name. Once you have done that the first screen showing allows you to begin enterin in your family's vital information along with media and sources as with the other software programs. 

For the purposes of this demonstration, I'll start with my grandfather on my father's side. A simple 'Click to add Person' is most visible and data entry is not a problem either:

To the right of the locations is the ability to see it on a map as well as adding the Geo location. Additionally events can be added through this screen along with photos, notes and additional information.

Note that there also is a place to enter DNA information from the various companies at the bottom right.

Once the family data has been entered, there are a number of additional items of interest right on the family screen. I've marked up just one side as it is the same for all in this position.

With this family entered, lets see what their pedigree form looks like:

Legacy's pedigree form is similar Ancestral Quest and PAF so far with Family Tree Maker being Vertical like on their website.

In the next blog we'll look at their Research Guidance, To-Do Lists and Timeline so that you can make a good choice when choosing the genealogical software for you.

Under the "Help" button, one can click on "Beginners Video" to help you make the best use of this software product.

Additionally, there are online lessons available from their website, just click here.

Their website is

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Delving Deeper into Family Tree Maker

Taking a closer look at the above screen will help one to better navigate within the program. Notice that the workspace this screen is on is the People Work Space. Here one can add all one's family members.

The Family View section looks like this after beginning to enter the children of this couple.

This family had 16 children so it will take some time to enter them all in. For each person added, one needs to provide proof which is where the collected documents come to play. To the right of the above screen is the information on the highlighted individual, clicking the book brings up the following screen:

Clicking "Add New Media" allows one to add documents, pictures, newspaper clippings, etc. that is located on your own computer.

Notice that you can also scan a record to add to your media collection.

Another section worth mentioning that will be of great help as one wants to share their family history with other family members. The section is under the work space Publish, here one can choose from a large selection of reports and charts as well as customized charts.

Web Search allows one to search,, and for additional records and information.

Family Tree Maker has many other features that are covered in the following resources, one should keep an open mind and check out each software to find the one you are most comfortable in using.

There are videos and tutorials available for FTM in a variety of places:
Next week's blog will take a look at Legacy Family Tree.

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